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MERLIN’s Real-Time manufacturing analytics translates into world class OEE

MEMEX - Manufacturing Productivity

As the world moves toward an integrated supply chain, manufacturing is also witnessing a paradigm shift. The relationships that were earlier price and commodity based are now being transformed into value-based partnerships. Built on trust, cost control, and quality, value-based partnerships have made OEE critical in the manufacturing industry. The biggest competitive edge for any manufacturing supplier is their ability to capture, analyze, and share the production data with their upstream partners.

MERLIN offers Manufacturing analytics that enable effective Execution of continuous improvement initiatives in Real-Time, allowing for the entire plant operations to be Lean. MERLIN creates opportunity for a dramatic increase in OEE based on accurate Real-Time Information collected using a true shop-floor-to-top-floor communication Network connecting all machines, old and new. Armed with the ability to demonstrate increasing OEE and continuous improvement of plant capacity manufacturers can build and further solidify the coveted trusted supplier relationship.